The neatest people come to visit

Meet Alex and Luke, recent guests & now social media friends.

Alex & Luke at Dog Bark Park

This dynamic two-some from Toronoto, Canada are on a grueling mission to travel to every state & province on the North American continent between March and mid-October.  With car, computer & suggestions on where to go, eat, stay received along the way from social media followers Alex & Luke are documenting their travels in a grand experiment & journey of discovery.   Alex commented to me this morning that as lovely as the diversity of scenery is across our huge continent, it is the people she is most attracted to, and it is the people met that will hold in her memory far sharper than the landscape.  Learn more about their journey from their website or social media links at

Finding that people everywhere are friendly & generous when given the chance to share their experiences, knowledge & interests has been heartwarming & humbling says this wonderfully gracious & energetic couple.  

That is the exact sentiment Dennis & I have heard from others of our visitors, like the cross-country bicyclists reported on in our previous blog

Another bonus Alex mentioned has been meeting  & observing the lifestyles of small business owners, where often there is no distinction between their work life and non-work life as all are combined.  That is certainly how Dennis & I view our endeavors at Dog Bark Park; we are our work and our work is us – it is who we are.

Adding Idaho to Alex and Luke's car

Luke’s VW  is looking pretty good for all the miles travelled since March.  It is decorated with decals from many of the places visited. Soon the entire surface of the car will be covered! Fortunately a spot was found to display our Dog Bark Park bumper sticker.

Dennis & I think we have the best occupation possible because not only are we doing the artistic types of things we love but also because through our gallery gift shop and unique little bed & breakfast we get to meet such interesting people from all over the country and world.   Remarkable sums it up.  And may the Alex and Luke’s of the world please keep on barkin’!  The world needs you.