Endurance and Determination

Late on a warm afternoon last week an inspiring couple bicycled into our parking lot at Dog Bark Park saying we had been their destination since May.

Feeling rested & ready for the day's ride to Lewiston, Idaho

Meet Kris and Alison from London who are on a cross-country biycle trip from New York City to Seattle.  They have been on the road since May 20th and expect to arrive in Seattle in a few days.  Many transcontinental cyclists will begin on the West Coast and end on the East Coast to take advantage of tail winds.  Not these guys!  They have been battling head winds most of their excursion making them very strong & resilient pedalers for sure!

When we met them they had come from Riggins, Idaho on the Salmon River to Cottonwood, an elevation change of apx 2400 feet with scorching heat & strong unfavorable winds.  Not knowing the exact date they might arrive, the couple had not made advance reservations. Luck of all luck was in their favor for the only day available in weeks was the day of their arrival!!  After a hard day’s ride, sore muscles and not many hot showers along the way, one can believe there were two distinct rings in the bathtub after a couple of long hot soaks that night!

We had a great visit  learning  about their trip & lives in England.  Both Alison & Kris said one of the best parts of their journey was meeting wonderful, generous & gracious people all across the country. 

Posing with the giant puppies

Keep on pedaling & keep on barking” is the motto of encouragement we thought we heard as they pedaled away from the big beagles with a nice breeze at their backs!