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Idaho Beer

Idahoans enjoy beer.  We enjoy it at a back yard cookout, while floating or boating on a river, or afterwards.  It is served at most rodeos, family picnics and wedding receptions, watching sports in … [Read more...]

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello from Sweet Willy, It's almost spring in Idaho!  That means we've been working behind the scenes on projects before all the busy activity of summer arrives.  This newsletter covers the … [Read more...]

Behind the scenes during off-season & not so secret best recipe for bath cleaner

Every year on the 1st of November we say good-bye to our last guests of the season leaving Sweet Willy to his own thoughts & company for the winter.  We turn off the heat, lights, & drain the … [Read more...]

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Today our first big snow of winter has arrived giving Sweet Willy a blanket of white.  The big beagle hibernates until April 2017 when our lodging season re-opens. He housed a full calendar of … [Read more...]

It’s Dog Prevention Week

The National Dog Bite Prevention Week for 2016 comes upon us starting the 15th of May, all the way up to the 21st of May.  We share this information from Michael of UltimateHomeLife.com. … [Read more...]

The Washington Post writes about Dog Bark Park

THE WASHINGTON POST . SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016 BY MELANIE D.G. KAPLAN My beagle Darwin was no stranger to cross-country drives and adventures. During her decade of life, she and I drove from East to … [Read more...]

We’ve got Wi-Fi!

For sure this would be old news for most nowadays, wouldn’t it?! For the 14 years Dog Bark Park Inn B&B has existed our guests have enjoyed the absence of electronics that can distract from a … [Read more...]

Keeping Waste out of our Shipping Department

One large back corner of our studio contains a disorderly collection of cardboard boxes. Some are empty shipping cartons we've picked up when shopping the local grocery stores.  We'll use the boxes … [Read more...]

Winter Activities at Dog Bark Park, a blog by Frances Conklin

Dennis & I are often asked what occupies our time at Dog Bark Park during the winter when our bed & breakfast inn is closed from November through March. While the big dog is in hibernation … [Read more...]

How we do it – create a German Shepherd dog carving that is

What seems uninteresting & unremarkable to artists is often not the case for non-artists.  Many times artists' fans & collectors are fascinated by the seemingly mysterious processes … [Read more...]